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We have the right Group Health Insurance for you and your employees.

A group health plan helps you and your employees pay for health care expenses. Businesses with 1 or more employees are eligible to purchase group health insurance. Options In Insurance offers options for businesses of all sizes. 

Why a group health plan plan is right for your business.

Group health insurance plans are designed to be more cost-effective for businesses. Employee premiums are typically less expensive than those for an individual health plan. Premiums are paid with pretax dollars, which help employees pay less in annual taxes. Employers pay lower payroll taxes and can deduct their annual contributions when calculating income taxes.

How a group health plan works

Health insurance helps businesses pay for health care expenses for their employees. When you pay a premium, insurance companies pay a portion of your medical costs, including regular doctor checkups or injuries and treatments for accidents and long-term illnesses. The amount and services that are covered vary by plan.

As an example, an employee may have a $30 copay for each doctor visit. Or, their plan may not cover any expenses until they have paid their deductible. Generally, the higher an employee’s monthly premium, the lower their deductible will be.

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Options in Insurance - Health Insurance for California

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